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If you're going to hit the slopes this season it's worth getting your body conditioned ahead of time in order to avoid super sore muscles and injury.

For skiers from novice to advanced, a good place to start is with exercises that you can do at home such as wall sits, lunges and exercises that build core strength such as planks.

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Veterans were among the community who inspired us to design Reboundwear. In our own little way, in our own little corner of the world, our hope was that our clothing would making dressing just a little bit easier for our wounded warriors. We join AAPR in recognizing and celebrating their service to our country and were inspired by this, we would like to share with you a "Special Tribute to America’s Veterans".
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The CEO of Reboundwear Bimla Picot (far left) attended the Mother of the Year Luncheon.
We at Reboundwear support breast cancer patients, their families and friends this month and throughout the rest of the year. 
We'd especially like to acknowledges the American Cancer Society Mothers of the Year honoring Laura Forese, M.D. and Karen Walsh. Congratulations to co chairs Cricket Burns, Diana K. Feldman, and Ambassador Brenda L. Johnson.
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