Breast Cancer/Mastectomy

Reboundwear tops are ideal for breast cancer recovery and mastectomy. Each top features inner pockets to hold drains and manage tubes. Zippers allow easy access to the port and drain without the need to undress.

Frequently Asked Questions For Mastectomy

After your mastectomy you will need to wear clothing that will allow easy access to our port and accommodate your drains. Reboundwear tops have inner pockets and loops to hold drains. your doctor may also recommend compression garments after your surgery. Consultant with your doctor before you chose to wear compression garments.

Immediately after your surgery, you will be most comfortable wearing a soft cotton camisole. Your doctor may also recommend you wear a compression bra or top. Depending on your treatment plan you may also need to wear clothing that accommodates your port and drains. Reboundwear tops include inner pockets and loops to manage your surgical drains and zippers that allow easy access to your port.