Medical Professional Endorsements

"As a General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon for almost 20 years, I think your products have a very significant place in patient recovery. Functional and beautifully-styled. What a great help to patients' healing both physically and psychologically." Cheryl Huang MD FACS

"As a practicing specialist for 40 years, I was very impressed with your (Reboundwear's) adaptive athletic wear products that help to facilitate dressing for patients with rehabilitation needs. For those patients who have undergone various forms of surgery or medical procedures that require rehabilitation, it can be quite challenging and debilitating just getting dressed. Your (Reboundwear's) products have been meticulously designed to reduced obstacles between the patient and the doctors, PT (Physical Therapy) specialists, other clinicians or care givers. The soft zippered fabrics make everyones life easier. I am pleased to endorse Reboundwear". John L. Melvin, MD. Jefferson University Physicians, Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

"On Behalf of the SLE Lupus Foundation and the more than 1.5 million Americans suffering with lupus, I'm pleased to write a supporting letter for Reboundwear. Lupus is a chronic, debilitating autoimmune disease where the body randomly attacks itself--heart, lungs, brain, skin, and kidneys, can be affected, but most commonly, the joints. With the joints, it creates limited mobility and range of motion. Many times, arthritic hands are common, which makes it impossible to do normal day-to-day activities such as getting dressed. Prednisone (steroids) is the main medication prescribed, and with long-term use, it causes joints and bones to deteriorate. This often results in hip and knee replacement surgeries. Reboundwear is a wonderful product line option for people with lupus who suffer with physical limitations from the disease. We will be pleased to promote Reboundwear.com on our website as a resource for patients as well as on our social media platforms. Thank you for inventing a product line that can be so helpful to the lupus community." Margaret G. Dowd, Executive Director, S.L.E. Lupus Foundation

"I am so pleased to endorse Reboundwear's innovative line of adaptive athletic clothing...specifically designed for people with physical impairment and/or disability. As a physician treating people with disability for 45 years, I am not aware of any other company designing and producing adaptive clothing for that population. I must compliment you (Reboundwear) for using quality materials with comfortably soft fabrics.". Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, MD. Physiatrist and Rehabilitation Specialist, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY NY on April 29, 2016

Breast Cancer Testimonials

"How great to wear stylish clothing that not only helps me feel more normal but also that I'm getting better.  It's fashionable and functional, and the material is so soft and comfortable." Rhonda Rose

"My sister in law has breast cancer and will be going through surgery in 1.5 weeks. We bought this for her as recommended by another cancer survivor. 
Thank you so much." Kathleen C from New Milford, New Jersey on July 9, 2018

"I ordered the jacket for my mom, who is having major reconstructive surgery after a bilateral mastectomy.  The multitude of zippers is genius and exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for serving this unique need!" Jessie Rajala, Rochester, MN, on April 25th, 2018

"It is well-designed and beautifully made, aside from being a really cute color and fun multi-colored zipper!!! It’s much nicer than my many Lululemon and Athleta tops (which I can’t even wear at this point because they are too hard to put on)! I wore your top to my second chemo session this week – it was totally comfortable and I received so many compliments on it from my doctor, nurses and other MD Anderson staff!" Jenny Kobin, Ponta Verde, FL, March 2nd, 2018 

"I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Reboundwear. After a mastectomy with reconstruction, my mother was able to wear something comfortable, stylish, and begin her healing journey. I can't thank you enough for the extremely well-designed jacket." Happy Customers on March 3rd, 2017

"My Reboundwear jacket unzips from the top of the sleeve and unzips from the bottom so it made my daily injections easy. I didn’t have to take off the whole jacket. It really helped in my recovery." Jeanne Campbell, San Diego, CA

"Very good quality product- very happy with my purchase!" Happy Customers

Shoulder Surgery Testimonials

"I am well pleased with the quality of material and workmanship of the goods that I recently purchased from Reboundware.  I will be having shoulder replacement surgery on April, 12 and Their design should ease my recovery inasmuch as I will be “one-handed” for some time during recovery." Murrey

"Thank you! I ordered it for my husband, who will be having rotator cuff surgery next week. Hopefully, this shirt will help just a little bit with the pain when he has to get dressed." Haley Ladner

"I had shoulder replacement surgery last Thursday.  This shirt is perfect.  I like how soft the fabric is and the fabric underlay under the zippers so there is no irritation especially over the wound area.  My occupational therapist was so impressed he wanted to know the company name so he can refer to others.  I think you have considered everything when you designed this shirt. Thank you!" Russel Beasley

"I just had rotor cuff surgery last Wednesday and needed something to cover up with. I typed in after surgery clothing and a bunch of suggested places came up and I picked Reboundwear." Dan Lask

"My wife likes the top very much and it fits perfectly.  The zippers help tremendously!  A gray top is due soon and she is looking forward to getting that one too.  She was interested in the blacktop as well" Richard Brooks

"I have shoulder surgery on my dominant arm and Reboundwear made it easier to dress." Anne Hamson

"I wish you had more selection! I had shoulder replacement surgery and your nightgown is great!" Kim 

"I am having shoulder surgery next month and I received my shirt today, and I love it! I wish they had more colors." Kathy M from Lynbrook, NY 

"I had rotator cuff surgery. I knew that I was going to need a different kind of shirt and was so glad to have found your company. These shirts are just the bee's knees and make it so easy to get in and out of them. They are super comfortable and wash well. Thanks for making this product!" Bonnie Kretchman, Kittery, ME

"I purchased a Reboundwear shirt following shoulder surgery, and I am using it all the time for workouts and physical therapy. It's a quality product, and the customer service goes above and beyond. In heartily recommend this product." Elizabeth W. from New York, New York 

"Thank you for your excellent customer service." Jude F from Medina Washington

"I just received my Reboundwear and the quality of these jackets are better than any I have purchased at high-end retail stores. I will be wearing them even when surgery and therapy are over. I was more anxious about what I was going to wear after shoulder surgery than the operation itself! Instructions to wear “a big shirt that buttons in the front” was not going to work for me. Quality of the product, exceptional service, and timeliness of its arrival was amazing." Glenna Morrow

"I am very happy with the zippered shirt that I ordered in preparation for my shoulder surgery. They are attractive and comfortable and I will probably wear them even after the surgery. Thanks very much for your assistance in getting the right sizes." Happy Customer

"I think this product is very important for people that have surgical problems, are stroke victims, people with disabilities, and most of people who have broken bones and/or need replacement parts." Happy Customer

"Thank you for the stylish product. It will be wonderful after surgery and thank you for the socks! I will put them to good use!" Happy Customer

"Thank you so much! This week was my mom's surgery. She was so grateful to not have to wear a Johnny even though she had an IV in. The tops were comfortable and soft and easy to maneuver around her IV. It made her so much more comfortable. Thank you!" Happy Customer

"The tops I purchased were extremely helpful post shoulder surgery and during physical therapy. Love them!" Happy Customer

Lower Extremity Testimonials

"Reboundwear is helping me get around in style with my compound ankle fracture!" Rob Roda
"I ordered your Molly pant after ACL reconstruction surgery.  It seemed to be the only pant  I could find that was adaptable to wearing a large brace under and yet fit and looks like a nice pant through the waist and hips.  Since I will be in a brace for at least six months, I need something that looks more stylish than an athletic pant with side snaps! ☺The adaptability with the zippers is just wonderful!"
"My mother had reconstruction surgery on her right foot due to severe arthritis. She was in a cast for 7 weeks & now a large boot. She will eventually have another 3 surgeries, both knees & other foot. These are the only pants that work well for her. We now have 3 small pairs and a childs XXL. They are such a blessing to have found some. I was lucky to find a new pair on Ebay too. Thanks for making such a Fantastic product! Her Dr's, therapists, nurses, & cna's had never seen them before & were very impressed & all asked where to purchase them. We sent them your way!"
Sheryl K. 
"I was so happy to find Rebound Wear. My mum is having knee replacement surgery in January.  She had her other knee replaced a few years ago and had a difficult time dressing.  Her last surgery was in the summer so she wore a lot of dresses but since this surgery is in the winter she needs some easy dress options that are appropriate for cold weather.  The pants I ordered will work perfectly for her b/c it will allow easy dressing, access to her knee, and they also looked stylish.  So many of the other options I found were really unattractive and had no styling or shape to them.  I am excited to give these to my mum!"
Erin D. from Minneapolis, MN
"I have been searching for pants that would be adaptable to help me when I have my knee replacements done in the new year. I am having both replacements done at the same time, so having clothing that will be able to adapt to my needs is very important"
Melanie G. from BC Washington
"After my 3rd right foot surgery, (2nd ankle fusion from revision surgery due to non-union of the first ankle surgery) I ended up with an external fixator that the surgeon said would be on for 4-6 months. While still in hospital my wife searched my wardrobe for ANYTHING that would fit over the fixator to dress to return home from the hospital. She found 1 pair of shorts with leg openings big enough to fit over this device. OK, what do I do now (it was summer but 1 pair? What about laundry, every day?) After searching the internet and googling everything remotely possible with “clothing” and “fixator”, and finding some mediocre options, I stumbled on REBOUNDWEAR. I called them the next day. They were so nice and helpful, I ended up buying a pair of “The Phil” and “The Greg”. They fit well and are very well made and comfortable. I will be wearing them even after the fixator comes off."
Howard Florio from California 
"I am so happy you were there with your wonderful products. I am soon to have total knee replacement on both knees, one at a time, and thought the Molly pants to be a sound investment! I'm very impressed with the level of personal attention I've received! You answered my questions promptly, and followed up to make sure I was satisfied.  That's a rare commodity in this day and age. Thank you!"
Marcie C from Trenton, Maine 

"I am soon to have total knee replacement on both knees, one at a time, and thought the Molly pants to be a sound investment! I'm very impressed with the level of personal attention I've received! You answered my questions promptly, and followed up to make sure I was satisfied.  That's a rare commodity in this day and age. Thank you!" Martha Correa, Trenton, ME,

"Thank you very much for acting so quickly and processing my order! I am so glad my sister-in-law will get it. It is so much better than sending flowers! I know she will be happy to have them." Clare Thomas from New York, NY,  April 2016

"54 hours post op total hip replacement. These are really good pants. I'm a fan." Christopher Liddell,

"I purchased Reboundwear's camp pant before my double knee replacement. It made getting dressed and doing my physical therapy exercises much easier for me as I didn't have to bend down and struggle with constricting clothing. They also made it a breeze for my wife who just had to zip me into the pants. Best of all, they converted into shorts which is how I wore them indoors and then into long pants when I left the hospital. Thank you Reboundwear for making post op dressing simple and stressless." Jack Hayflick from NY, New York

"Very well made!" Anonymous

"These pants are fantastic!! Thank you! I am never taking them off for the next 8 weeks. The zippers on BOTH SIDES go from the waist all the way down to the ankle so that no matter how big & bulky the cast is you can still get the pants on. Then there is a little pocket for keys/money so a pocketbook becomes unnecessary for a local trip. Hanging on to a pocketbook is an additional risk. They fit perfectly! Even if I gain weight from eating Brooklyn Blackout cake, they are elasticized and so comfortable. How can I ever thank you?! Yesterday, I went for my checkup to have the sutures taken out and the supposed graduation to a plastic boot from the cast. Since my bones tested "soft" they insisted on another cast. I came home so disappointed only to discover your unbelievably generous, thoughtful gift. Thank you so very much - you turned my whole day around!" Priscilla from NY, New York 

"I received the black long sleeve top today in the mail and was pleasantly surprised that you had included several free socks with my order!  Thank you so very much!  I have really been please with your product and have had a pair of pants sent to my mother in-law who is having knee replacement later this week.  I will make sure I spread the word of your great product and wonderful costumer service.  Thank you." Sara from MN