Reboundwear tops are made with soft, cozy fabrics that keep you warm and comfortable in treatment centers. At the neck and arms, Zippers allow quick and easy access to ports for dialysis —no need to undress for infusions. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Dialysis Shirts

Your treatment will take approximately 4 hours so you will want to wear something comfortable. You may feel cold during the treatment since your blood is circulating outside of your body so warm cozy clothing and socks are helpful. Most importantly you'll need to wear clothes that make it easy for your tech or care partner to reach your access and make sure that your dialysis is not interrupted by a loss of connection. It's also important to keep your access clean to avoid infection. If you have a graft or fistula in your arm, or a catheter in your chest, Reboundwear tops, made with zippers at the arms and front are perfect for easy access to ports and they are warm and cozy. Their non- skid socks will also keep your feet warm and cozy.

Yes, Reboundwear tops have zippers at shoulder for easy access. The Reboundwear long sleeve tops will keep you warm and cozy in cold treatment centers.