August 21, 2017


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The Weekly Buzz!

Jerry from New Jersey purchased the men's Jim Tee in royal blue to wear to work after his shoulder surgery:

"Easy to put it on and take it off for a person with one arm that has limited motion after surgery. I like that with the zippers on this shirt I could get my size, so it fits well. My other conventional pullover shirts are oversized to enable putting them on without assistance" 

Glenna Morrow from Overland Park, KS purchased the women's Celine top in two different colors for shoulder surgery, physical therapy, and dressing/undressing during recovery:

"I just received my Reboundwear and the quality of these jackets are better than any I have purchased at high-end retail stores. I will be wearing them even when surgery and therapy are over. I was more anxious about what I was going to wear after shoulder surgery than the operation itself! Instructions to wear “a big shirt that buttons in the front” was not going to work for me. Quality of the product, exceptional service and timeliness of its arrival was amazing."  

Jack from NY, New York purchased the men's Camp pants for double knee replacement surgery:

"I purchased Reboundwear's camp pant before my double knee replacement. It made getting dressed and doing my physical therapy exercises much easier for me as I didn't have to bend down and struggle with constricting clothing. They also made it a breeze for my wife who just had to zip me into the pants. Best of all, they converted into shorts which is how I wore them indoors and then into long pants when I left the hospital. Thank you Reboundwear for making post op dressing simple and stressless."

Happy customer from Wisconsin purchased the women's Lindsey top for shoulder surgery and physical therapy:

"The tops I purchased were extremely helpful post shoulder surgery and during physical therapy. Love them!"

August 07, 2017


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Breast Cancer / Mastectomy

Here's what satisfied customers who have breast cancer are saying about Reboundwear:

Donna from the Bronx, NY purchased the women's Lindsey and Celine top for a mastectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

"I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Reboundwear. After a mastectomy with reconstruction, my mother was able to wear something comfortable, stylish, and begin her healing journey. I can't thank you enough for the extremely well-designed jacket."

Kathleen from Chico, CA purchased the women's Lindsey top in preparation for her breast surgery in New York:

"My surgery was at Winthrop hospital and the nurses in the recovery room were very impressed with the rebound shirt. They saw how easy it was to put on. I am very happy that I bought the shirts. Easy to remove and put on. I have been demonstrating the shirt to my family."

Satisfied customer from New Jersey purchased the Celine top for her mother for breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments:

"Thank you so much! This week was my mom's surgery. She was so grateful to not have to wear a Johnny even though she had an IV in. The tops were comfortable and soft and easy to maneuver around her IV. It made her so much more comfortable. Thank you!"

August 01, 2017


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The weekly BUZZ! Week 1

Reboundwear is the one and only adaptive clothing alternative and the ultimate dressing solution for people with limited mobility! You don't have to take our word for it! On the weekly BUZZ, you'll find out what people are saying about Reboundwear, the easy on easy off clothing solution:

Priscilla from NY, New York recovering from orthopedic leg surgery:
"These pants are fantastic!! Thank you! I am never taking them off for the next 8 weeks. The zippers on BOTH SIDES go from the waist, all the way down to the ankle so that no matter how big & bulky the cast is you can still get the pants on. Then there is a little pocket for keys/money so a pocketbook becomes unnecessary for a local trip. Hanging on to a pocketbook is an additional risk. They fit perfectly! Even if I gain weight from eating Brooklyn Blackout cake, they are elasticized and so comfortable. How can I ever thank you?! Yesterday, I went for my checkup to have the sutures taken out and the supposed graduation to a plastic boot from the cast. Since my bones tested "soft" they insisted on another cast. Thank you so very much - you turned my whole day around!"

Glen from NY,  New York recovering from shoulder surgery:
"Your Reboundwear shirt is an excellent option for anyone who has undergone any type of shoulder surgery.  It’s a comfortable shirt that provides the functionality of a surgical gown while having the look of a high-quality athletic shirt. Zippers with broad, flat tabs allow dressing with ease and permit instant access to my surgical incisions without the need to undress.  The shirts are stylish enough to wear every day.  The fabric launders well and needs no ironing.   It also wicks away body sweat, a definite plus in warmer climates. When I recently wore my shirt to my post-op appointment, the surgeon was impressed with the shirt’s unique design.  Great functionality, easy care, and style all combine to make this shirt a “must have” for anyone considering shoulder surgery."
Sara from Minnesota purchased the women's Celine top for herself for shoulder surgery and also purchased the women's Molly pant for her mother-in-law who is recovering from knee replacement surgery:

"I received the black long sleeve top today in the mail and was pleasantly surprised!  Thank you so very much!  I have really been pleased with your product and have had a pair of pants sent to my mother in-law who is having knee replacement later this week.  I will make sure I spread the word of your great product and wonderful customer service. Thank you." 

Tanya Sherlock from Roseville, CA purchased the Lindsey top and here's what she had to say:
"I purchased the Lindsey top. I love it! I showed it around Mercy hospital to some of the nurses & physical therapists & they asked for your website. I love the ease, convenience, & especially the quality! I was happy to pay it forward! Be expecting some big orders! Thank you."

Rhonda from Spanish Fort, AL purchased the men's Jim tee for shoulder surgery:
"Easy to put it on and take it off for a person with one arm that has limited motion after surgery. I like that with the zippers on this shirt I could get my size, so it fits well. My other conventional pullover shirts are oversize to enable putting them on without assistance."

February 18, 2017


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5 Tips from a Reboundwear Family Member for Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery

I am a fairly athletic, fit, twenty-year-old. After having gone through rotator cuff surgery, certain things become apparent. When searching online for tips and tricks, there is much to be found. You can find anything from support groups, how to get dressed, what to do during your rest periods, extremely detailed reports about what your body is doing during these rest periods. What I also came to realize is that everyone has a different experience. Why?

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February 06, 2017


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Get Ready For 6 More Weeks of Winter!

Last Thursday, Phil the Groundhog emerged timidly from his home and was met by an excited crowd. He glanced towards the ground and looked at a blurry mass, roughly the same size and shape as himself... he saw his shadow.

As we all know, this indicates another six weeks of winter. If you're suffering from post surgery, cold weather makes it especially tough to stay comfortable. These new Greg pants will keep you warm and cozy in the winter time while allowing you to remain fashionable.

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February 01, 2017


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American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, a great time to get your blood pumping. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. By adding exercise to your daily routine, you can take a huge step in preventing heart disease from affecting you. Other changes, like cooking healthy, low sodium meals can also make a significant difference in your future health.

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December 13, 2016


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Stay Safe This Season

If you're going to hit the slopes this season it's worth getting your body conditioned ahead of time in order to avoid super sore muscles and injury.

For skiers from novice to advanced, a good place to start is with exercises that you can do at home such as wall sits, lunges and exercises that build core strength such as planks.

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