Ankle Surgery

Reboundwear bottoms and pants zip up from the ankle to make it easy to put on a walking boot or ice during ankle surgery recovery. Designed with wide pant legs to go over boots, braces, and casts so you stay warm and presentable.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ankle Surgery Wear

Recovery after ankle surgery is particularly long and doctors recommend avoiding walking on your foot for at least 6 weeks depending on the kind of injury you had. In most cases, a cast is required for the first few weeks and then a removable boot can be worn until you are fully recovered. Most surgeons recommend wearing loose clothing so that material doesn't rub against the incision site creating the risk of irritation and infection. Reboundwear pants and shorts, constructed with zippers and soft fabrics are the ideal clothes to wear for ankle surgery. The legs are designed to fit over a cast or leg brace.