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Customer Reviews


I am having total knee replacement on both knees, one at a time, and thought the Molly pants to be a sound investment! I'm very impressed with the level of personal attention I've received! You answered my questions promptly, and followed up to make sure I was satisfied.  That's a rare commodity in this day and age."

Martha Correa from Trenton, ME


It is well-designed and beautifully made, aside from being a really cute color and fun multi-colored zipper!!! It’s much nicer than my many Lululemon and Athleta tops (which I can’t even wear at this point because they are too hard to put on)! I wore your top to my second chemo session this week – it was totally comfortable and I received so many compliments on it from my doctor, nurses and other MD Anderson staff!

Jenny Kobin from Ponta Verde, FL


These pants are fantastic!! Thank you! I am never taking them off for the next 8 weeks. The zippers on BOTH SIDES go from the waist all the way down to the ankle so that no matter how big & bulky the cast is you can still get the pants on."

Priscilla from New York


My better half had his post surgical appointment at the Fracture Clinic - Centenary Hospital Toronto, Ontario Canada. None of the nurses had ever seen your shirts. . .and they loved them. More interesting [only to me] was that the surgeon had NEVER seen them and was pretty impressed.

Carla Canizares from Ontario Canada


After my 3rd right foot surgery, (2nd ankle fusion from revision surgery due to non-union of the first ankle surgery) I ended up with an external fixator that the surgeon said would be on for 4-6 months. While still in hospital my wife searched my wardrobe for ANYTHING that would fit over the fixator to dress to return home from the hospital."

Howard Florio from California


I had rotator cuff surgery. I knew that I was going to need a different kind of shirt and was so glad to have found your company. These shirts are just the bee's knees and make it so easy to get in and out of them. They are super comfortable and wash well. Thanks for making this product!

Bonnie Kretchman from Kittery, ME


"I ordered the jacket for my mom, who is having major reconstructive surgery after a bilateral mastectomy. The multitude of zippers is genius and exactly what we were looking for. Thank you for serving this unique need!"

Jessie Rajala from Rochester, MN


We needed for my husbands shoulder surgery. His independence is very important for an active 56 year old man. I zip him up and he is ready for the day.

Judy Regier from Beachburg ON, Canada

What the medical professionals have to say:

As a practicing specialist for 40 years, I was very impressed with Reboundwear's adaptive athletic wear products that help to facilitate dressing for patients with rehabilitation needs. For those patients who have undergone various forms of surgery or medical procedures that require rehabilitation, it can be quite challenging and debilitating just getting dressed. These garments have been meticulously designed to reduced obstacles between the patient and the doctors, PT specialists, other clinicians or care givers. The soft zippered fabrics make everyones life easier." 👍

John L. Melvin, MD. Jefferson University Physicians, Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

I am so pleased to endorse Reboundwear's innovative line of adaptive athletic clothing...specifically designed for people with physical impairment and/or disability. As a physician treating people with disability for 45 years, I am not aware of any other company designing and producing adaptive clothing for that population. I must compliment you (Reboundwear) for using quality materials with comfortably soft fabrics." 👍

Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, MD. Physiatrist and Rehabilitation Specialist, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY

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