Chemotherapy Clothing

Reboundwear tops are made with soft, cozy fabrics that keep you warm and comfortable in treatment centers. At the neck and arms, Zippers allow quick and easy access to ports—no need to undress for infusions. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Chemo Port Shirts

You will need to wear clothing that allows easy access to your port. The treatments can take a very long time and the centers tend to be cold though some people perspire during treatment. Long sleeve Reboundwear tops are made with luxurious soft fabric, and access zippers at the neck and arms is a great solution to staying cozy and comfortable in the clinic. Our Celine top is made with brushed fabric that has wicking properties and our Trevor top, also super soft and cozy, is made with a cotton blend. Both provide easy access to your port.

A chemo shirt is one that allows easy access to ports. Better than a v -neck, Reboundwear is made with zippers and panels to allow easy access to ports at the neck, the hand, or the arm.

Chemotherapy treatments can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 or more hours and even overnight. It all depends on the chemotherapy. Throughout the regime a nurse will come in and check your vitals and make sure you aren't having a negative reaction to the medications. A Reboundwear top, made with zippers and panels makes checking vitals and administering the infusion into your port quick and easy. Even better, you won't have to pull up your sleeves or undress during the session and you'll be comfortable and cozy no matter how long your treatment takes