The Weekly Buzz!

Jerry from New Jersey purchased the men's Jim Tee in royal blue to wear to work after his shoulder surgery:

"Easy to put it on and take it off for a person with one arm that has limited motion after surgery. I like that with the zippers on this shirt I could get my size, so it fits well. My other conventional pullover shirts are oversized to enable putting them on without assistance" 

Glenna Morrow from Overland Park, KS purchased the women's Celine top in two different colors for shoulder surgery, physical therapy, and dressing/undressing during recovery:

"I just received my Reboundwear and the quality of these jackets are better than any I have purchased at high-end retail stores. I will be wearing them even when surgery and therapy are over. I was more anxious about what I was going to wear after shoulder surgery than the operation itself! Instructions to wear “a big shirt that buttons in the front” was not going to work for me. Quality of the product, exceptional service and timeliness of its arrival was amazing."  

Jack from NY, New York purchased the men's Camp pants for double knee replacement surgery:

"I purchased Reboundwear's camp pant before my double knee replacement. It made getting dressed and doing my physical therapy exercises much easier for me as I didn't have to bend down and struggle with constricting clothing. They also made it a breeze for my wife who just had to zip me into the pants. Best of all, they converted into shorts which is how I wore them indoors and then into long pants when I left the hospital. Thank you Reboundwear for making post op dressing simple and stressless."

Happy customer from Wisconsin purchased the women's Lindsey top for shoulder surgery and physical therapy:

"The tops I purchased were extremely helpful post shoulder surgery and during physical therapy. Love them!"

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