Weekly BUZZ!

Weekly BUZZ!

Dr. Cheryl Huang MD FACS is a plastic surgeon in California and she recommends Reboundwear tops to her patients who undergo surgeries such as breast reconstruction, and repair/replace skin and bone tissue:

"As a General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon for almost 20 years, I think your products have a very significant place in patient recovery. Functional and beautifully-styled. What a great help to patients' healing both physically and psychologically."

Wendy from Wisconsin purchased the women's short sleeve Lindsey top and the women's Molly pants for shoulder replacement surgery followed by hip replacement surgery 4 months later:

"These garments are beautiful, so well made and thought out! I especially like the short sleeve heather blue, so soft and comfortable. I also like the bigger zippers compared to my last order. I appreciate the attention to my order and thank you for the wonderful service."

Susan from Redmond, OR purchased the women's long sleeve Celine top and the women's short sleeve Lindsey tops in various styles for her upcoming shoulder surgery:

"I'm very impressed with the personal interest in my order. I spoke on the phone with a very compassionate representative. I'm impressed!"

Meg from Albany, NY purchased the men's Jim tee for her husband who is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery:

"The shirt requires two hands to zip up which was not possible for my husband who was along for the first few days after surgery. It was a lot easier once I was there to help him. After a couple weeks, he was able to manage the zipper on his own and he and his physical therapist both love the shirt!"

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