Tips for Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Tips for Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Congratulations on your breast augmentation! This is a great decision, and you should be proud of yourself. That being said, it will take some time to recover from this procedure, and we want to share with you some tips that can help make the recovery process easier.

How long is the recovery from breast augmentation?

Depending on how quickly your body heals, your recovery journey is unique, so pay close attention to what your surgeon says about recovery timelines. Doctors typically advise against strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or intense exercise, which can cause strain on healing tissues for at least six weeks. Make sure to give your body some time to rest to recover fully. The breast augmentation recovery process can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks or longer, depending on what type of breast augmentation you had. For most patients, pain is at its worst during the first week after surgery. However, it gradually improves throughout the post-operative period. Patients often report feeling sore around their incision sites for several days even when they are not actively engaged in any strenuous activities. The pain is usually around the breast area, which feels like a constant pulling/tugging sensation.

Moreover, tightness in your chest may remain pronounced for several weeks after surgery, but this should gradually improve as you heal. The first two days are usually the worst because anesthesia leaves your system. Pain medications also wear off during this period. Some patients have reported discomfort while taking deep breaths until approximately one month of post-op. Another thing that breast augmentation patients need to remember is to avoid breast massage for at least three months following surgery unless otherwise advised by their surgeon. Massaging the breasts can cause bleeding within tissues, leading to capsular contracture or a build-up of scar tissue around implants. Although most surgeons advise against massages, some plastic surgeons practice breast massage therapy post-op and will instruct their breast augmentation patients on how to perform this type of therapy themselves. If you decide not to wait until your doctor’s follow-up appointment, then make sure you don’t apply too much pressure when performing breast self-massage.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

The number one rule is to stay active. You can move around your home with minimal restrictions, but it’s important not to overdo things. Your body needs time to heal after breast augmentation surgery for the implants to settle into place and establish a new shape.

One of the best ways to speed up your recovery is by eating healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals to aid in tissue repair. Or, you can stick with soft food such as mashed potatoes or soup broths because chewing slows the healing process. So, avoid hard textured foods until approximately six weeks post-op until it’s safe. It’s also important to not smoke during your breast augmentation recovery since smoking impedes blood flow, resulting in multiple infections.

How to Sleep after Breast Augmentation?

Getting a good sleep after breast augmentation is necessary for a quick recovery. To have a good rest, position yourself on your back with a few pillows under your head and one between the knees to reduce swelling in that area. Do not prop up on both sides while sleeping, as this can cause strain at incision sites where breast implants were inserted. Even if you cannot get comfortable, do it anyway because resting after surgery is essential for regaining the energy needed to heal properly. Remember that if the pain becomes too much during rest periods, take some Tylenol since ibuprofen has been known to thin blood. But, never mix medications without the doctor's consent! 

Not only this, breast augmentation may alter your sleep pattern as well. Many breast implants patients find that their new breast size and shape make them more aware of lying or putting pressure on their breast implant. This can make it difficult to fall asleep in the correct position. To avoid this, we recommend using a low-profile, silicone gel-filled breast pillow for optimal comfort and support while you’re sleeping. These pillows will not cause any discomfort or pain by creating pressure where it is needed least.

How to Shower after Breast Augmentation?

Many patients shower on their own following breast augmentation. However, your swelling and bruising might make it difficult for you to stand up straight or hold objects above your head during, e.g. shampooing. So, make sure to seek assistance from someone for the first few days. 

Also, avoid hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms during breast augmentation healing because these may cause increased swelling in that area. It’s also important to keep your surgical site dry by avoiding submerging it in water (like hot tubs).

How to Reduce Swelling after Breast Augmentation?

The recovery process after the procedure is critical. Usually, the swelling associated with the augmentation can be more severe than what was expected. Always make sure to sleep with your head elevated above the level of your heart for several days after surgery. It will reduce pressure on the breast area and will help reduce pain and your breasts' inflammation.

Not only this, avoid wearing very tight clothes after breast augmentation. You should consider wearing a snug sports bra or an elastic bandage to minimize breast movement and pressure on your skin stitches.

Also, make sure to take all the antibiotics prescribed by your plastic surgeon before surgery, even if you do not have any symptoms of infection. If some signs appear during the recovery period - please contact your surgeon immediately! Also, remember that it is vital to avoid taking aspirin for at least two weeks before the procedure because this will increase bleeding under the vessels, leading to poor results of breast implants placement.

After breast augmentation, scars' appearance may look awful in the first days, but they usually heal quickly. So, do not worry too much about that. However, you should observe them carefully during the first weeks to make sure there is no sign of infection/inflammation.

What to eat after Breast Augmentation?

You should not be too much stressed out about what you eat after breast augmentation. It is a very individual matter. However, avoid fatty foods high in calories, especially during the first couple of months. High-calorie food slows down the healing process making scarring more prominent. Your diet should consist of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Moreover, avoid consuming alcohol since this may cause bleeding and will slow down your healing time.

Post Breast Augmentation Tips

After breast augmentation, you will be required to wear a surgical bra for at least two weeks. The reason behind this is that breast implants need time to settle into place. Your chest muscles must heal before they can support breast implants on their own. Suppose you do not wear a bra after surgery. In that case, it might cause an injury or damage to the muscle, which may contribute towards capsular contraction (hardening of scar tissue around the implant). This means that if you sleep without wearing any supportive garment like sports bras or bandages, there are high chances of causing further complications. However, sleeping in tight garments could also disrupt circulation and restrict breathing, especially when lying face down.

Post breast augmentation, you should be cautious about the breast being exposed to sunlight as well. This is because the chances of your breast getting burned are higher after breast surgery than before. So, do not go out without wearing sunscreen or protective clothing. Along with this, do not go out in the sun without wearing a wide brim hat!

You should also avoid breast exposure to water after breast augmentation surgery as it could lead to the risk of infection or scar tissue formation. This means that you have to refrain from going for a swim, hot tub bath, and even taking showers overnight immediately post-op breast augmentation. If you are planning on breastfeeding your baby, there is no need to worry about water exposure. But, ensure that the breast implants do not sustain any damage by being exposed too long or too frequently because these can cause leakage inside the body cavity, causing further discomfort. In case serious spillage occurs due to rupture of implant shell, make sure you consult with your surgeon immediately.


Healing from surgery is undoubtedly a process that needs time, attention, and care. In a breast augmentation procedure, it is necessary to follow all those instructions provided by your surgeon. If complications arise, then contact them immediately to prevent further issues from occurring.

We hope that these tips are helpful for our readers to know how they should proceed with recovering from breast augmentation without any problems! We wish all of you a happy recovery after breast augmentation.

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Tips for Recovery after Breast Augmentation

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