It’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Week - How Aware are you of Your Own Status?

Do you know what the single greatest indicator you may be developing dementia is? Your own self-knowledge and the sense that your mind may not be working as it has in the past. 

Alzheimer’s Disease is often what we all refer to when we discuss dementia, but it is actually only one of several possibly causes of memory loss and disorientation.  Alzheimer’s can only be definitively diagnosed by an autopsy, so there is some guesswork involved by the medical professionals. Often the first sign of the disease is the sneaking suspicion that something is not quite right.  This is by far the best time to have an initial evaluation. It is important to establish a cognitive baseline against while further measurements can be compared. If mental deterioration is occurring it can only be gauged over time.  Testing includes a complete physical to rule out other conditions that can affect cognition., mental status testing, a neurological exam, and possibly blood tests and brain imaging. 

Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia affect such a large portion of the population that there is a great deal of research going on at the moment.  It is probable that there are multiple causes and conditions that can lead to diminished mental capacity and that each sufferer may have a unique combination of triggers and conditions.  The best treatment outcomes are personalized and implemented early on.

While Alzheimer’s Disease and some other forms of dementia cannot be cured, researchers are starting to learn how to slow down the process and  to get people the support they need to continue to live as normally as possible for as long as possible.  The earlier intervention is started, the more successful the outcome. So please- it’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Week.  Be aware and take the appropriate actions to safeguard your brain to the extent that it’s possible.

The Alzheimer’s Association has a comprehensive website with resources and facilities in your area, Visit the link to learn more.

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