5 Tips for Enjoying the Sun After Being Diagnosed with Lupus

5 Tips for Enjoying the Sun After Being Diagnosed with Lupus

Being diagnosed with Lupus comes with a laundry list of new routines. You constantly have to worry about the effects of the sun and your skin during the hotter days of the year. But, are there ways that you can still enjoy the seasons without resorting to staying indoors forever? Of course there are! These next five tips will help you realize that your flare ups are not a final sentence for enjoying the outdoors.

1. Use SPF Protection

Yes, tip number one is a bit obvious but for the newly diagnosed, this may be a routine they are not too familiar with. You would be surprised as to how many overlook this simple step. During the hot summer days, people get very excited about heading out to have some fun in the sun. As they quickly run out of the door, they forget to grab their sunscreen. Do not be that person. Wear your sunblock. If you are going to be out doors for any more than 20 to 30 minutes, this is a crucial step you do not want to ignore.

2. Wear a Brim Hat

It is summer and the sun is out. You’ve got your shades on, some loose and comfortably fitting clothes and a cool bag that ties your whole outfit together. You are looking great, but how else can you accessories your look with functionality? You could wear a great looking brim hat! 

Usually the hardest parts people have trouble taking care of are the parts they can’t see, like the top of their head or backs. Aside from looking great, a brim hat will provide you and your face with some much needed protection from the summer rays.

3. Stay in the Shade

Spending some time in the park can provide you with some great fresh air, relaxing ambient sounds and fun. However, you should use your best judgement and find a nice spot under a big, shady tree. If that is not available, consider bringing along a beach umbrella. It may be a bit of a hassle because of its size, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this case. If you want something a bit more manageable, carry a smaller umbrella with you at all times. If carrying an umbrella is not your cup of tea, see tip number 2!

4.Timing is everything

Certain times of the day are great because of their low sun intensity. If you are an early bird, consider going out between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. The sun is still relatively low at this point, with the cooler night air still in the breeze. If you consider yourself a night owl, head out any time after 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. There will still be enough sunlight to do plenty of activities, but the intensity of the sun will not be nearly as bad as heading out during midday afternoon. Keep in mind, the sun will rise and fall at different rates, depending on the time of year.

5.Wear Your Sun Protection

With advancements in fashion, clothes are now capable of providing you with protection from the sun. Garments are now made with a UV protection finish, which can help you stay out in the sun longer! How does it work? Light weight and comfortable fabrics help ventilate air flow, keeping cool air in and hot air out. Garments also feature quick drying fabrics, which protect you from intense perspiration. Anti-bacterial meshes also keep you smelling and feeling fresh. And best of all, you can get your hands on garments with all these qualities right here at Reboundwear.

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