Breast Cancer / Mastectomy

Here's what satisfied customers who have breast cancer are saying about Reboundwear:

Donna from the Bronx, NY purchased the women's Lindsey and Celine top for a mastectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

"I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Reboundwear. After a mastectomy with reconstruction, my mother was able to wear something comfortable, stylish, and begin her healing journey. I can't thank you enough for the extremely well-designed jacket."

Kathleen from Chico, CA purchased the women's Lindsey top in preparation for her breast surgery in New York:

"My surgery was at Winthrop hospital and the nurses in the recovery room were very impressed with the rebound shirt. They saw how easy it was to put on. I am very happy that I bought the shirts. Easy to remove and put on. I have been demonstrating the shirt to my family."

Satisfied customer from New Jersey purchased the Celine top for her mother for breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments:

"Thank you so much! This week was my mom's surgery. She was so grateful to not have to wear a Johnny even though she had an IV in. The tops were comfortable and soft and easy to maneuver around her IV. It made her so much more comfortable. Thank you!"

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