Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Doctors and healthcare workers provide us with valuable information about health issues but our best tips about real life situations and recovery come from our customers and boy! are we surprised by what they tell us, read on and you will be too. 

If you have a story or advice for people in your situation weather you are a caregiver or patient. We would love to pass it on. 

I recently had surgery on my shoulder. (Surgery was necessary as a result of a break that had occurred a year ago.) My son's girlfriend gave me the gift of two Reboundwear tops, one short sleeve and one long sleeve. These two tops made my life so much easier. I was able to put my clothes on by myself. I did not have to bend my arm in order to get it into a sleeve. I went for my follow up exam and did not need to practically undress in order for the doctor to admire his handiwork. Everyone that saw my top agreed that it was just perfect for anyone with an injury to their upper body. I highly recommend Reboundwear and am so happy that I was sent these as gifts. There are two "best" parts to these tops. 1. They both have pockets, which I totally can't live without; and 2. I am able to wear them after I don't "need" them for their intended purpose, the fabric is great, they are stylish and are very comfortable. Both of the colors I received can be worn with just about anything too. Thanks for coming up with such an outstanding product. - Patricia 

I suffered a very bad spiral fracture of my humerus when I was going to snorkel in Cozumel, - 6 days in the hospital in Mexico, had a long pin inserted the length of my humerus.  When I got back to the states, my ortho said the pin was way too long, so I had to get it taken out and a shorter one re-inserted.    This was in Jan and Feb 2017.  Now it isn’t healing correctly (non-union) – We went to Rothman and now my arm will be cut open, the break scraped down, plate screwed to the bone, and a bone graft from my elbow to aid healing.  I’m determined to heal well this time, and if immobilization can be aided by your tops, I’d be thrilled!!  I have vivid memories of the ordeal of getting into clothing, and this seems like a god-send!! -JoAnn

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