Replace outdated and uncomfortable hospital gowns with Reboundwear

Medicine is a field in which both the “tried and true,” and “innovative and ground-breaking,” must come together to achieve what medicine is meant to do--treat and heal. Certain items have come to symbolize the medical industry, as over time they have been used again and again to cure sickness and disease. For example, bandages, tongue compressors, and thermometers remind you of a stereotypical general practitioner's office. When you think of a doctor, you picture scrubs, accessorized with gloves and a stethoscope. However, when you imagine yourself or a loved one in a position where you would have to be exposed to waiting rooms and operating tables, surgery coordinators and nurses, what do you envision them or you wearing? How do you want to be feeling?

In a recent article published by the New York Times entitled, “The Costumes that Obscure Doctor and Patient,” author Abigail Zuger delves into the rarely discussed world of pre- and post-op dressing. As she states, “The symbolism surrounding patient gowns is just as fraught. They are cheap, demeaning, undignified and chilly. One way to cope is to wear two of them, one opening to the front and one to the rear. Thus encased, the patient is snug and warm, and also extremely well defended from inquisitive fingers and probing stethoscopes. It turns out that actual clothes are far easier to push aside for an examination than are two johnnie gowns firmly knotted together.”

In a medical world already filled with never-ending tests and scans, x-rays and MRI’s,  the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to wear.  Reboundwear™ clothes are athleisure wear with a purpose that are designed to be worn in hospitals.  With strategically-located zippers, they make getting dressed easy for people with broken bones, going through chemotherapy, or for caregivers struggling to dress their patients.  Our tops and bottoms can be zipped around your body to accommodate casts, braces, splints, and boots, and are outfitted with zippers made of coil that can go through MRI and x-ray machines. Reboundwear is perfect for therapy sessions or doctor appointments because our innovative zipper design technology allows you to expose just the injury site for examination, icing, or bodywork. We use super soft fabrics in on-trend colors, and some styles combine compression elements in a comfortable and nonrestrictive, yet form-fitting and stylish, garment.   

Reboundwear will be the next symbol of the medical field--we stand for comfort, efficiency, and positive experiences. Replace outdated and uncomfortable hospital gowns with Reboundwear. Buy your Reboundwear outfit on our website at or contact us at to find out how you can sell Reboundwear at your hospital or center to offer your patients the best care possible.

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