Reboundwear, Pioneer in Designing Inclusive Fashion Featured in Adaptive Clothing Article

Reboundwear, Pioneer in Designing Inclusive Fashion Featured in Adaptive Clothing Article

These Brands Are Implementing Adaptive Designs In Their Products


This year, clothing brands have begun to realize that different customers have different needs and are trying to design for them in the best way they can.

This trend has manifested with companies like Target and Tommy Hilfiger launching lines of adaptive clothes.

Here are some of the best adaptive products.

1) Target

Target recently released adaptive apparel lines for both kids and adults. The children’s line, called Cat & Jack, features flat seams and heat-pressed stamps instead of paper tags so the products are completely sensory-friendly.

The adult line has the same features in addition to hidden leg openings with buttons to make getting dressed easier.

2) Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive line contains products with velcro, hidden magnetic closures, and no zippers or buttons.

The brand also released formal clothing in their launch which is rare because sometimes adaptive clothing brands overlook professional attire.

3) Nike FlyEase

Nike’s adaptive brand, FlyEase, is made for athletes of all ages and abilities. The unique strap design allows customers to easily put on and remove the shoes.

4) Independence Day Clothing

This brand markets itself as “sensory-friendly preppy apparel for tweens/teens/young adults.” Their clothing has no tags, no zippers, and no buttons.

5) Billy Footwear

Billy Footwear sneakers have a special zipper that allows customers to zip open the shoes for easy access.

6) NBZ Apparel

NBZ jeans may look like any other denim pants, but these are special since they’re made of extra stretchy material. The jeans also have elasticized waistbands.

7) Reboundwear

Reboundwear is designed for post-surgery wear. The clothing is soft, sensory-friendly, and clinically accessible for treatments. The products are ideal for wound sites, tube incisions, and catheters.

These companies are proving that adaptive clothing can be well-made and stylish.



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