What Are The Benefits of Compression Clothing?

What Are The Benefits of Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing is a big part of the fitness clothing industry, but for those who don’t know, it isn’t just for ‘athletes’ or his and her lycra leggings you wear to a spinning class. Compression clothing is a way for us to up our fitness performance without putting in any extra effort. 

We know that life can be busy, but keeping up with your exercise regime is important. Apart from finding a nice gym and getting an excellent personal trainer to help you out, wearing the right compression clothes could make all of the difference when it comes to performance.

People are more conscious of what they put ON their bodies these days than ever before. With new technologies coming out, companies have to create gear that is not only comfortable and functional but also stylish as well!

What is Compression Clothing?

In recent years, compression clothing has become more popular than ever. This type of garment is categorized as something which is super tight, revealing, and often hilariously colorful. 

Compression wear is not all hype. The science backs it up, too! Designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow, compression garments are beneficial for both athletes and workout warriors in order to shorten recovery time.

Not only does true compression wear assists in recovery, but can improve athletic performance as well. Compression wear is designed to improve blood flow to the muscles during exercise thereby reducing lactic acid buildup and increasing oxygen supply to working muscles. Increased oxygen reduces leg fatigue and spares muscle glycogen which can improve endurance and delay the onset of muscle fatigue.

Let’s have a look at how exactly compression wear helps you get a better workout experience and improve performance in the gym.

Benefits of Compression Wear

Enhance Recovery

Wearing compression clothes will help you recover faster from a tough workout. The elasticity of the compression wear helps to relieve pain by increasing blood circulation. It also helps speed up the process of rebuilding muscle tissues after exercising, which is really useful to heal broken muscles.

Moreover, the tightness of these garments can help reduce swelling as well.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Have you ever went to the gym with no energy and felt worn out halfway through your bodyweight session? I am sure we have all experienced it, but we did not realize that there is a simple solution. Muscles need oxygen, especially after a workout.

Compression clothing is believed to increase blood pressure, lessen muscle soreness after exercise, and prevent blood pooling (the causes of the pain that you feel after an intense workout). In addition, it can help you perform better for a longer duration.

Provide Support

Did you know that wearing compression shirts and socks can provide better support for your body parts while you train? As you exercise, the garments will add pressure to your muscles. The added compression against these muscle groups will support some of the muscle strain and may help reduce potential soreness or fatigue from working out!

Keeps You Dry

Sweat can be an uncomfortable experience, but not if you have the right type of clothing. Compression gear like tank tops and skinny leggings are mostly made of polyester or nylon related materials which help you dry faster after sweating.

These clothes allow sweat to evaporate because they do not repel water but instead lift it upward from the fabric where it can eventually evaporate away on its own. This means that compression clothing will still keep you dry even if you are sweating all over!

Improve Flexibility

Compression clothing has an elastic feel and is perfect for comfortable support during strenuous workouts. The stretchy material allows your body to move without hindering you.

When you're exercising, it involves a lot of different movements such as stretching, lifting, and extending; without the right clothes, these could be difficult tasks to complete. Compression clothing is perfect for supporting your needs during exercise.


Compression gear is tight and restrictive, but it's breathable. Compression clothes let air circulate so the user stays dry and comfortable- perfect for exercising in any climate!

Better Perceived Exertion

People who are looking for a way to push themselves hard in their workouts without feeling the pain may want to consider trying garments designed with compression. Compression clothing is known as having low perceived exertion, meaning that less effort is required when you move around while wearing it. 

If you love extreme sports or endurance races, then low perceived exertion is important in training. According to past studies, wearing compression garments like shorts and socks can help improve how a runner perceives his/her exercise routine.

Improve Performance

Compression garments can help athletes to perform better. Take compression shorts as an example - it has been proven that wearing these types of clothes will increase the jumping ability by up to 9%.

Stylish Look

Compression clothing is a versatile piece of gear for any fitness enthusiast. Not only does it protect muscles during workouts, but the compression also helps to define them!

As the world moves faster and more people are on social media, many people want to share their sporty looks with friends on social media. 

Compression clothes are great for those who want to show off muscle definition while looking confident as they work out. 


As an athlete, you are susceptible to injuries at all times, not matter how long you’ve been training for, how often you stretch, and the amount of water you drink. While there are most certainly precautionary measures you can take to avoid injuring yourself, once the inevitable happens, you should be prepared to get back on your game as soon as possible. Reboundwear™ is a line of adaptive athletic wear with strategically-located zippers to making dressing easier for those with injuries or recovering from surgery.  Some of our styles combine compression elements in a comfortable and non restrictive, yet still form fitting and stylish, garment. While you are on the mend get REBOUNDWEAR - LOOK GREAT. FEEL BETTER ™


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