Getting ready for surgery. What will you wear post op?

Making doctors appointments, scheduling surgeries, arranging post-op care--there are a lot more things to think about other than fashion when considering your medical procedure. But more often than not, it’s on your mind once you start getting dressed. It’s been a question asked for hundreds of years by millions of people. Whether you’re doubting your formal attire, or asking yourself what business casual really means, dressing appropriately has always been a priority of yours. So what do you wear before surgery? During surgery? After surgery? We’re sure you’ve read your pre-op instructions enough times to memorize them, and you know to be sure to take off your acrylics, skip the mascara, and slip off your wedding ring, but now it’s a debate between your the sweatpants that are starting to fall apart and the sweatshirt that barely fits over your head anymore. The stress of doing one of the most routine and basic tasks overwhelms most, sometimes to the point of giving up completely. According to a new research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine, “Of the patients studied, 57 would be eligible to wear their own garments throughout the surgery process, but only 14 did so.” Don’t be one of those people who get overwhelmed! Instead, be in peace of mind while outfitted in  Reboundwear™, a line of multi-functional post-surgery and physical therapy athletic wear designed to look stylish even when you're not feeling so stylish. Reboundwear™ is proudly made in the USA and designed in NYC, and helps you feel as if you’re still yourself while you're on the mend.


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