What to wear to post surgery?

What to wear to post surgery?

Finally an answer to the age-old questions: What to wear to surgery? What to wear after surgery? What to wear to physical therapy?

Answer: Reboundwear

post hip surgery molly pants

No more shapeless baggy clothing, No more cutting your clothes around medical devices.

Reboundwear clothing is stylish, comfortable, accommodates every kind of medical device, and allows access to all wound sites. Made of the highest quality fabrics with wicking properties.

If not for you, have a friend in need? Be a friend indeed, get them Reboundwear.

Look great. Feel Better.


  • Adele

    The best post op clothing option on the market! Super soft, comfortable, and best of all I don’t have to strip down every time I have an appointment.

  • Glenna Morrow

    I just received my Reboundwear and the quality of these jackets are better than any I have purchased at high-end retail stores. I will be wearing them even when surgery and therapy are over. I was more anxious about what I was going to wear after shoulder surgery than the operation itself! Instructions to wear “a big shirt that buttons in the front” was not going to work for me. Quality of the product, exceptional service and timeliness of its arrival was amazing.

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