Mastectomy Recovery Must-Haves

Mastectomy recovery must-haves

Mastectomy is the surgical removal of one or both breasts. According to the survey conducted by Health, Pharma & Medtech, this year the rate of mastectomy was 88.4 per 100,000 adult females in the U.S. This is why mastectomy is one of the most common surgeries to treat breast cancer. 

Life after mastectomy can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! With mastectomy recovery must-haves, mastectomies can be a little less daunting. So, if you are recovering from a mastectomy (or know someone who is), this article is just for you. Here, we will talk about mastectomy must-haves that will help make the recovery process easier and more manageable! 

Things You Need After a Mastectomy

Mastectomy comes with its own set of challenges. But there are mastectomy recovery must-haves to make this journey easier for you!

Mastectomy Pillow

One of the most essential mastectomy recovery must-haves is a breast cancer pillow. This will help support your arm and keep the pressure off of numb areas, which can be very bothersome during mastectomy recovery. If you are worried about mastectomy pillows being uncomfortable or slipping around, many options are available that don't have these issues! Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow, BedLounge, and the Bedroom Kandi mastectomy pillow are just a few that we recommend.

You can use them in any position to give you ultimate mastectomy recovery comfort during mastectomy recovery! Moreover, Axillapilla, Therapedic U-Neck, and Gaiam Yoga Bolster are some of the mastectomy recovery pillows that will be helpful for mastectomy recovery as well. Check them out, too and choose just the right one for you!

Shower Seat

Shower seats are a mastectomy recovery must-have. A shower seat is a great way to sit down and take a break from standing as you wash your hair or shave. It also helps prevent slipping in that wet environment! Not only this, but it makes shaving a lot easier, as you can reach your legs and underarms with ease. This is something that we recommend for mastectomy recovery.

Pro Tip: If you don't have a shower seat already, grab one of those lightweight plastic stools from the dollar store to put in the shower! It might not be the most comfortable thing ever, but it gets the job done until you can buy something more suitable.

Detachable Shower Head

A detachable showerhead provides the convenience of having your hands free when you are in the shower, which might be difficult if you're not used to it after mastectomy. It helps prevent slipping and falls! The adjustable arm makes this even more convenient because it allows for ease of use depending on where you want to place the showerhead - whether that's closer to reach or further away so as not to get water in your face.

Mastectomy Shopping List

We are so grateful to a lot of mastectomy survivors who have shared their mastectomy shopping lists with us. We want to share this mastectomy shopping list so you can also benefit from it and save a lot of your time!

  • Bras (get fitted by an expert)
  • Mastectomy bra inserts
  • Absorbent pads - disposable or washable
  • Abdominal binders/wrap
  • Mastectomy drain jacket/apron
  • Notebook and pen
  • Recliner for sleeping
  • Comfy pyjamas/trousers
  • Cotton Camis
  • Drainage cups
  • Large safety pins
  • Dry shampoo

Mastectomy Gifts

We are aware that mastectomy gifts can be more challenging to pick. However, mastectomy survivors need to receive the little things they need after mastectomy because these gifts will help them recover faster and ease their life during this tough time!

An excellent gift for a mastectomy survivor is a mastectomy bra. These bras are very comfortable and designed so that they do not cause any pain or skin irritation after mastectomy surgery! Additionally, it's important to note that mastectomy gifts like cami tops come with pockets for one of the drains (which will be necessary during recovery). Not only this, but you can also offer mastectomy recovery kits, which contain some basic items that mastectomy patients will need.

Another great mastectomy gift is a plush hoodie with kangaroo pockets! The mastectomy patient can easily put her hands in the pocket during recovery to reduce pain and discomfort while walking or sitting. A cuddle robe is also another perfect mastectomy gift for women who are going through this tough time of their life because it helps them feel cozy on chilly days when they're feeling cold all over their body (which happens after mastectomies).

A cuddle robe is also another perfect mastectomy gift for women who are going through this tough time of their life because it helps them feel cozy on chilly days when they're feeling cold all over their body (which happens after mastectomies).

Finally, if you want to make your mastectomy survivor happy - surprise them with a book about post-mastectomy life. It's the perfect way to show how much you care! And of course - don't forget about flowers. They are always a fantastic gift!


Mastectomy is a daunting process. There are many things to consider before and after surgery, including the best mastectomy must-haves for your recovery, what you should wear post-surgery (or not), how to take care of yourself while healing, and more. We have written this article to help you make this experience less stressful! 

Our mission is to help you recover and get back to life as quickly as possible. Reboundwear’s adaptive clothing line is particularly designed to help those recovering from a mastectomy. If you are an active adult and getting back quickly is important to you, we have got the best adaptive wear waiting for you. 

Mastectomy recovery must-haves

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