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Reboundwear is fashion meets function. Launched in 2014, we have been helping men, women, and children look and feel their best in our comfortable, fashionable adaptive wear. We celebrate fellow companies and designers as well as journalists like Noël Duan for their attention to this overlooked market. 

Like the designers at Open Style Labs, Reboundwear's designer Bimla Picot was incubated at Rebecca Minkoff's office as part of her experience with Project Entrepreneur this past summer. 

Mrs. Picot was inspired to create her line when she experienced first hand how the simple daily task of dress was so arduous for her own friends and family with limited mobility. We are inspired at Reboundwear everyday where we hear how our clothes have made life easier for our customers. 

Thank you again Noël for highlighting this important aspect of fashion.

Sultana Rubi
Sultana Rubi


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